SoCal Underwear Models are Making Home Booze Deliveries

In a scene that seems very much out of a late night Skinemax movie plot, 2 SoCal companies this week announced they will be more than happy to deliver booze to your house. And those deliveries will be made by models wearing only underwear…because bow chicka wow wow.

Saucey, an L.A.-based alcohol delivery app, has teamed up with MeUndies, an L.A.-based company that sells underwear, to deliver “Sleepover Packs”.

For one week only in Los Angeles (sorry Palm Springs),  packs ranging from $40-$100 will be delivered to your door.  The packs include a fresh pair of underwear, socks, a T-shirt, sunglasses, vitamin (for hangovers) and your choice of alcohol and mixers. Orders will be delivered within 20 minutes.

And as a special promotion this Friday only, some customers will randomly have their orders delivered by actual underwear models wearing only their underpants.  70’s porno music and model’s willingness to participate in sexy time not included.

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