SoCal Police Investigating Selfies to Solve Burglary

[media-credit name=”Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department via KTLA” align=”aligncenter” width=”300″]selfie1[/media-credit]Selfies have taken over the world. They are on your newsfeed, in music, in advertising, and now police investigations. Police have released a couple’s selfies to the media for help to determine who robbed a SoCal woman’s home.

A Santa Clarita woman’s home was burglarized in July. Among items taken were cash and electronics including a camera – a camera that was synced to “the cloud” – which may help authorities find the burglar(s). KTLA reports:

A few days later, the victim noticed selfies showing people she did not know appearing on her cloud account, the Sheriff’s Department stated.

“These selfies that we have here on the cloud … are the two best photos that were able to extract … that show a male and a female’s face,” Josh Dubin with the Sheriff’s Department.

The photos, three of which were distributed by the department, show a man and a woman smiling and apparently lying in bed.

And these two may not be the ones responsible for the burglary.

[media-credit name=”Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department via KTLA” align=”aligncenter” width=”267″]selfie2[/media-credit]A woman contacted KTLA claiming to be the woman in the photo. She said she bought the phone from someone else (never a good idea to ever buy a camera, no matter how good a deal it is, from some dude in a van outside a grocery store…just sayin’).

Anyone with info can contact:

Update 12:38PM: The dude in the video came forward to NBC4 and identified himself as Larry Beltran Jr.  He said that he had stopped by the local Sheriff’s Department station on Wednesday to say it was all a misunderstanding and clear things up, but was told to come back the next day since the detective handling the case wasn’t there(?).  He told authorities that the cellphone was purchased by his aunt at a swap meet and given to him as a gift.