The soap star running for Congress in the desert isn’t registered to vote in the desert


Tuesday morning, soap opera actress Kimblerlin Brown Pelzer announced on the CBS Local 2 News that she is running for the Coachella Valley’s Congressional seat as a Republican. While Cactus Hugs covered this story earlier today, the LA Times has a nugget of info that might end up being pretty important to voters in the desert.

Stephen Puetz, a campaign spokesman, said Brown and her husband recently purchased a home inside the district and are in the process of putting their Fallbrook avocado ranch up for sale. Voter records show Brown is still registered to vote in Rep. Duncan Hunter’s district.

Sooooooooo, not exactly a local, if you will.  She might want to go ahead and update that registration at some point before the election.  It’s also good news if you have been looking to acquire an avocado ranch, I suppose.

Maybe this is why a certain former TV anchor was so angry when we posted about this earlier?