So KESQ’s new ‘Mobile News Tracker’ is a thing that exists for some reason

Hot off of laying off staff and blowing up an entire television station, KESQ is out with their new ratings-grabber: a car equipped with FaceTime and an internet connection slower than your grandparent’s.

On Monday’s newscast, Weather Guesser Haley Clawson had to pause before even saying the name “Mobile News Tracker” – most likely because she, like many of us, can’t believe it’s a thing that exists (video is below).

The guess here is that producers are hoping that with the “Mobile News Tracker,” they will be able to send Kelley Moody and other reporters out in bad weather in hopes they find cows flying through the air and maybe even something like this:

In a nutshell, it’s another one of those do as we say (stay off the bad roads), not as we do (drive towards the bad roads) situations.

Anyway, here’s the clip (that is not altered in any way) and, if you can get past the numerous technical issues and the feeling that you are suddenly sucked into the movie Tron, you may be able to discern the big news that, yes, it is indeed raining in the Coachella Valley.