So Coachella is making Kanye a ‘church’ made out of shipping containers?

Not much is known about what, exactly, Kanye West will be doing with his “Sunday Service” event during Coachella Weekend Two. While it’s nice that, for once, Weekend Two is getting something that Weekend Two is not (about time, Goldenvoice!), it’s also brought up much speculation about just what in the hell Kanye is going to do and where he is goin…wait, is that a shipping container “church”?

Paul Tollett conformed that they are indeed building a structure for Kanye to Billboard.

“It’s challenging for us because we’ve never done this before,” said Tollett. The series will start at 9 a.m. on “The Mountain,” a hillside inside the Coachella campground area that has become a popular spot to watch sunsets.

“It was suggested, ‘Why don’t we try this in camping, since it’s in the morning and all the other campers are already there?'” Tollett explained. “Other people going to the show can come early, if they want [and they’ll be allowed in].”

And while it’s going to be weird seeing everyone heading to Coachella at 7 am (yes, they are even going to run the shuttles early), Tame Impala has to be a bit worried – as it’s quite possible everyone will head out before their set Saturday night to rest up for the big morning.

Coachella is putting more Weekend Two tickets up for sale on Friday.