So Cal man threatens to call immigration over taco special

A man ordering food at an Anaheim taco shop threatened to call immigration after he became confused by signs at the restaurant that were in both English and Spanish.

NBC 4 in Los Angeles has the surveillance video of the incident in which a customer tried to order the Friday special…on a Monday…only to be outraged to learn that the special is only good…on Fridays.

It appears the man was confused as the Friday special, which is fish tacos for $1.99, is identified on the banner at the taco shop as “Especial de Viernes.” Owner Juan Del Rio told the TV station that the man apparently was upset because he was charged full price for the Friday special, because, you know, it was Monday.

“It says it in Mexican,” the customer told the cashier. “We’re not in Mexico. We’re in America.”

The employee then showed the man a sign that displays the daily specials in both English and Spanish, but that didn’t stop his rant that spilled into the parking lot, where he threatened to call immigration authorities, claiming Del Rio was “not legal.”

Watch (if the video doesn’t show on your device, click here):