Snowbird will no longer be buying her postcards in downtown Palm Springs

The Desert Sun’s reader submissions section continues to showcase the bizarro world lived in by those who are willing and able to set aside the time to write a letter to the local newspaper. Thursday saw a snowbird write in to the desert’s daily USA Today to express their disdain for downtown Palm Springs. Surprisingly their anger was not towards the scandal of the new development, rather they wanted anyone and everyone to know that they were angry that they couldn’t find a freakin’ postcard with the Elvis Honeymoon house on it!!

Here’s the entire letter, which begins with a somewhat reasonable complaint, then takes a wild turn:

As a yearly visitor to Palm Springs (in the past for the Follies, but now for McCallum shows), I normally spend a bit of time in downtown Palm Springs. Much to my dismay, driving down Palm Canyon Drive felt like being in a cave due to the tall buildings under construction. Why you want to hide your beautiful mountains in the name of “progress” is beyond me. I call it a travesty.

Then I went to four shops trying to find postcards related to Palm Springs, i.e., the Bob Hope house, Sinatra house, Elvis honeymoon house, and no one had them. I have no desire to send my friends postcards of women in bikinis.

I guess I will spend my time down valley in the future, which is a shame as I loved Palm Springs.

How Palm Springs will survive without making that valuable snowbird postcard money, I do not know.