Shots fired? KMIR’s new promo sure appears to blast KESQ / Local 2

Anchorman Gif

Breaking news: The Coachella Valley might just have itself a TV news fight on its hands as KMIR is getting feisty in their latest promo.

The 15 second commercial for the newscast mentions that, “some stations in town…***cough KESQ and Local 2 cough***…love to tell you how they help you understand the news?” The announcer than states, “At KMIR News we give you a little more credit than that.  We know you understand the news.  It’s our job to cover the news of your day.  Period.”


Have a watch:

The promo seems to mock a KESQ / Local 2 promo that has aired an estimated 7 billion times over the past month with the stations touting “in depth” coverage.

Of course, to be fair, it is possible that KMIR’s feisty promo may referencing some other TV news station in town – but, as KMIR knows, you understand exactly who they are talking about.