Shocking study concludes that if CV Link is not built, nothing would change

You don't say

The CV Link – a proposed 50 mile bike path that has, to this point, been a total clusterfuck – released a third party assessment this week of the environmental impact of the project in the Coachella Valley. The Desert Sun has a summary of the report and, not surprisingly, a completed CV Link would have minimal negative impact on the environment – as, after all, it is just a freakin’ path, not a tire incineration plant. But, for some reason, the report also included a section on what would happen if the path was not built.

The consultants also analyzed what would happen, environmentally, if the pathway were not built. In that scenario, life goes on as normal because there are no conditions to harm the environment — although the consultants note that it means fewer options for walking, biking and jogging around the desert.

Wow. Great job with that assessment, consultants. Surely a lot of time and thought went into that and whatever CVAG is paying those guys, it is clearly not enough.


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