UPDATING: Shit is getting crazy out there and please be safe

Look, I enjoy seeing a little rain in the desert from time to time, but this storm is getting pretty nuts for our little town that isn’t really built to handle this much precipitation all at once. 

That photo of a waterfall up there, that was sent in from a reader from above Araby. They also sent in this one of the wash – which they tell us is so full and moving so fast that you can hear it constantly roar.

And you better buckle up, because the forecast is not calling for the rain to stop anytime soon.

Meanwhile, this is also going on:

As is this:

Palm Springs has already cancelled VillageFest and the Tram even closed.

And with much, much more rain on the way, things are only going to get crazier out there.

Here are a few more updates as of 2:30 pm:

3:15 Update:

3:45 pm Update:

Seriously, stay safe out there.