After she’s caught smoking, woman threatens to ‘kill everyone on this f**king plane’

A passenger aboard a flight from Portland to Sacramento was detained after she shouted that she was going to “kill everybody on this fucking plane” after she was busted smoking in the lavatory.

Valerie Curbelo, broke federal laws by tampering with a smoke detector and smoking in one of the Southwest plane’s lavatories, reports NBC 4. A video of the incident shows her gathering items, then yelling at a flight attendant, proclaiming, “I have a destination for this. I have a destination for myself, and I need to go there. I swear if you don’t fucking land, I will fucking kill everybody on this fucking plane.”

The flight attendant, who was much more calm and collected than you or I might be in this situation, then asked Curbelo to sit down. Curbelo responded by once again stating, “I will kill everybody on this (expletive) plane.”

Curbelo was restrained while the plane landed and sheriff’s deputies boarded and took her to a waiting patrol vehicle.

Speaking to CBS News, Curbelo said she had to smoke in the restroom because of her anxiety.

“The anxiety, yeah the anxiety,” Curbelo said without elaborating what, exactly, that meant. She did not explain why she threatened to kill everyone. “I don’t know,” she said. “It was not me. It was not me.”