That Shatner movie filmed in Palm Springs doesn’t have enough money to be completed

Palm Springs – which, clearly, attracts the classiest and well made film projects to the city – recently played host to a movie shoot featuring the likes of William Shatner and Christopher Lloyd.  But, don’t look for the flick to hit theaters or Netflix anytime soon because they don’t have enough money to finish the thing – unless you’re willing to kick in up to a million dollars.

The film, titled “Senior Moment,” was filmed in Palm Springs back in late February.  The thing is, someone needs to edit all that footage together into an actual movie – which is a problem considering producer Gina Goff needs more of it.

Via the Desert Sun:

So Goff is still in fundraising mode and needs investors to help get through the next step – editing the movie. She needs anywhere from $500,000 to $1 million for editing, sound, color correction and additional dialogue replacement among other post production items.

“It’s just to finish it out and also get rid of production debt,” she said.

At least $500,000 would pay off debt and get it completely edited with a “nice enough” version to screen for buyers. Up to $1 million would complete post production and provide a polished product.

Goff has reviewed the raw footage and sees a hit on her hands that warrants a theatrical release.

In other words:

The movie, which tells the story of Shatner’s character after he loses his driver’s license, looks like a big budget movie says Goff because, “they had drones flying around.”

It was filmed around Palm Springs at locations including Jensen’s,the  Mizell Senior Center, the Palm Springs Air Museum, and the DMV – though you probably will never see any of it, which, I know, is a terrible thing for some to hear…