Shake Shack was the best thing at Coachella and open up one in Palm Springs already!


After spending a weekend at the Coachella Music and Arts Festival, I can easily proclaim the best food there was served up by Shake Shack.

I tried other things like a heart-busting macaroni and cheese pizza slice and this hugely disappointing chicken sandwich from David Chang’s Fuku pop-up…

This chicken sandwich made me really, really sad.

…but, by far, the best thing I had was a Shake Shack burger. It tasted nearly as good as the one served up in a real Shake Shack restaurant (as opposed to a festival pop-up), it was hot, it was juicy, the bun was steamed, the sauce was on-point, and I wasn’t angry at all about paying $8 for a single for the wife and $13 for a double cheeseburger for me.

Apologies for the somewhat blurry picture, I was more interested in eating that photographing, tbh.

So here, Shake Shack took a better picture of their burger and crinkle fries and yum!

And as good as it was, it made me sad. Why should only those who go to the festival be able to enjoy this tasty burger in Indio and Greater Palm Springs? This should be served up somewhere in town all the time. Hell, make a permanent structure at the Empire Polo Club for it.

I’ll be the first person in line.