A Shadow Hills sophomore wore a Nazi uniform to school on Halloween


A Shadow Hills High sophomore showed up to classes on Monday wearing a Nazi uniform as a Halloween costume complete with red armband and a swastika.

School administrators became aware of the outfit at about 11 am at which time they asked the student to change, reports the Desert Sun.  Many students had posted photos of the student in her Nazi attire throughout the morning.

“Once confronted, she explained that she is a serious history buff and that was her only intention. She immediately agreed to remove the armband and apologized for her decision,” Desert Sands Unified School District spokeswoman Mary Perry said in a statement.

The school contacted the student’s parents, notes the newspaper, and Principal Marcus Wood spoke with the student about the message of hatred she was sending.

Earlier this year, the high school made headlines when a group of students wore badges with an anti-sign around a rainbow – which many interpreted as being an anti-gay message.