See ya’ll in a few days

Hey everybody, Casey here and you know what, in retrospect, getting notice to leave our condo, looking for and buying a house, and then moving all of our crap and cats during the always crazy festival season was probably not the best timing – but, hey, who needs low blood pressure…amirite?

Anyway, my wife and I did some adulting and, after literally signing 7 billion pieces of paper and scraping couch cushions for down payment and assessment money, we now get keys to a place and the chance to yell at kids to “get off my damn lawn!” – which is basically the American dream.

Anyway, I am going to need a few days to throw a bunch of crap into boxes, drive it 7 miles away, and then take it out of those boxes – so, yeah, there isn’t going to be a whole lot of time to keep the blogging content train a rollin’ for a bit – though you will see a few reposts of some good stuff on the socials over the next couple of days in case you missed it or if you want to relive the magic!

Yeah, yeah…I know you are just dying to buy a housewarming present and yes, that present can be tossing a few bucks at our buy a fridge fund since this dumb house didn’t come with one.  Bonus, you get to see the old smiling Cactus Hugs logo at the link and I won’t even ask you to move boxes!  Seriously though, you don’t have to as I already appreciate you just reading this page.   But also seriously, you can if you want. 

See you in a few days and thanks for your continued support of Cactus Hugs.

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