The Search for Erin Corwin Continues

Missing Erin Corwin

The search for a missing Twentynine Palms woman continues.

Yesterday, 50 search and rescue crew members looked for 19-year-old Erin Corwin near Joshua Tree National Park, where investigators believe she was headed – but the search turned up empty.

Corwin, who is three months pregnant, was last seen about 7 a.m. June 28, leaving her home and heading toward Joshua Tree National Park.

When she did not return, her husband reported her disappearance the following day.

Investigators found her car June 30 in Twentynine Palms.  Homicide detectives are investigating.

ABC News reports, the mother of Erin’s Marine husband Jonathan Corwin said she’s particularity concerned about the attention that has focused on Jonathan.

 “I know that it’s everyone’s first thought that it’s the spouse,’ Sheila Braden told ABC News, ‘but if they knew John and Erin, and the relationship they had, they would know he’s not capable of this.”

Corwin’s sister-in-law told WBIR-TV in Tennessee last week that  the family hopes Corwin simply lost her way in the park.

 “She’s just really timid and she has a terrible sense of direction,’ Heavilin said. ‘We were all scared for her to travel home on her own because she had to go through airports by herself and it can be kind of overwhelming if you don’t have a good sense of direction.”

A web page for donations has been set up to help pay for expenses for the family and to fund a reward: