DirecTV has stopped carrying several “local” stations in the Coachella Valley due to a contract dispute over how much money a huge communications company should pay a large media company to carry its channels. While the two parties squabble over dollars, DirecTV subscribers are getting screwed out of seeing this weekend’s NFL playoff games (well, unless they grab one of these for $30).  One of those viewers appears to be the star of Youngblood, Bad Influence, and Illegally Yours.

Yeah, Rob Lowe is in Palm Springs and Rob Lowe is mad.  Also, just a guess here, but Rob probably won’t be making those DirecTV commercials anymore.

Rob, if you are out reading this, hit me up.  I have a growler of Even Par IPA, some Postmates credits we can use to get chicken wings, and, most importantly, my cable company is not blocking out the games.  Send a DM for address.