Scientists are 99.9% Certain SoCal is Getting a Big Earthquake in the Next 2 Years

Welp…make sure you have plenty of batteries and some extra food and water – because scientists are 99.9 % certain that Southern California is getting a big earthquake soon.

Seismologists and scientists at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) say that the “probability is 99.9 percent” that a 5.0 (or greater) magnitude earthquake will hit on or near the same fault lines that caused the March 28, 2014 La Habra quake in the San Gabriel Valley.  They say this earthquake will occur in the next 30 months, reports the LA Daily News.

The same study also gives an earthquake in the 6.0 or greater scale a 35 percent chance of striking in the same time period. The study notes that the quake could happen anywhere within 60 miles of the 2014 epicenter.

JPL officials did not comment on the study, which they say should be made public within the next 48 hours.