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This “Scary” Political Ad is Actually Hilarious


jeff stone

Sure we will all be glad once the election is finally over – mostly so those dumb fucking signs that are everywhere will finally be taken down. But, one thing that will surely be missed are the political commercials that treat us all like we are morons.

Already we have seen Raul Ruiz and his shitty car, Brian Nestande and his huge family’s breakfast gathering, and this gem of a commercial attempting to scare the shit out of us if we even think of voting for Jeff Stone:

Angry words exchanged! A fake badge!! At Christmas!!!! And thank God they let us know that we were watching a dramatization otherwise I would have thought that I was seeing the actual footage of the incident.

I know this commercial is supposed to scare me into voting for Stone’s opponent Bonnie “I wouldn’t kick Arnold Schwarzenegger out of my bed” Garcia, but all it really does is make me want to get a hold of my own fake badge so I can intimidate other drivers into getting the hell out of my way on the freeway.

These commercials have been the funniest thing to debut on television this fall and it is going to be a tragedy when they go off the air.