Save Over 40% on Craft Beer at Coachella Valley Brewing Company

Coachella Valley Brewing Company Groupon

Coachella Valley Brewing Company Groupon

The only thing better than sipping on a cold, delicious craft beer is sipping on a cold, delicious craft beer for over 40% off!!!

And you can do that right now at Coachella Valley Brewing Company!

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Grab a craft beer package for 2 people (or really show your friends how awesome you are by getting the a 4 person package) and each guest will receive: a souvenir pint glass, a 16-ounce draft beer in the tasting room, and a 22-ounce bottle of Monument on Fire IPA or Harvester IPA to take home

It is a great deal, but as with every Groupon – it will not last forever. So grab your discounted craft beer package from Coachella Valley Brewing Company today:

Click Here for 42% off Coachella Valley Brewing Company

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