santa chimney NOPE

It is Christmas Eve in The Coachella Valley and Santa is on his way to deliver presents to all of the good little boys and girls of The Desert. But, it being a desert and all, there is the little matter of how in the hell the jolly old fat man is getting into your house – seeing as your house most likely does not have a chimney

(note to non-desert rats: fireplaces are not a necessity in a 125 degree climate)

So how does Santa do it?

I posed this question to you guys on Facebook, and here were your best answers:

Cheryl H.: “We told our kids he magically creates a chimney and fireplace and it disappears when he leaves.”
Allison L.: “When we lived in a house with no fire place we told the kids that Santa came in through the dog door.”
Thumbelina G.: “I built something like this”
(Wow! That is going the extra mile!)

Steven F.: “Secret passage”
Jonzy K.: “The same way Sancho does. The back door.” (note: please do not tell your children that).
Richard C.: “We leave a door unlocked”
Liz G.: “The same way he does in the movie, The Santa Clause. Because everything that happens in movies is real, ya know”

The most popular answer involved a “magic key” being left out for Santa. Including this one from Shawn A.:
Santa Magic Key

And this one from Stefanie K.:
Santa Magic Key

Whichever way Saint Nick gets into your house on Christmas eve may he leave you and your family tons of great presents.

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