A guy stole an airport shuttle in San Diego while 8 people were on it


Things got weird in San Diego on Tuesday when a man stole an airport shuttle that runs between terminals – a shuttle that had eight employees on it.

When the driver of the bus had stepped off to hand off a piece of equipment to another shuttle driver, a 46-year-old man who was already on the bus took over at the wheel and drove away, reports the Union Tribune.

The man, who police say is from Arizona, then drove away from the airport on North Harbor Drive – driving well over the speed limit and ignoring stop lights.

About two miles away, two passengers on the shuttle approached the man who then jumped off the bus and ran away. A parking enforcement officer caught the man and held him until police arrived.

The suspect, who was not named and is not an airport employee, was arrested and booked on felony charges including kidnapping and auto theft.

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