Sadly, Many Americans Can Not Correctly Spell the Booze They Drink

By: Chris Pizzitola
By: Chris Pizzitola

It is St. Paddy’s week! This, of course means that plenty of Americans will head to the bar and order a drink. Luckily for many of them, they will only have to say the name and not spell it.

That is because, when it comes to correctly spelling the brands of popular booze, Americans are doing a terrible job. The app Bartrendr, which is kind of like Foursquare strictly for booze and bars, combed through their 100,000 most recent postings and found so many terrible misspellings.

[adsanity id=11528 align=alignleft /]Jägermeister topped the list of errors, as it was spelled incorrectly 90% of the time (and Bartrendr did not consider the accent marks when scoring, just the letters). That was followed by Budweiser (42% of Americans got it wrong, with “Budwiser” being the most common of the incorrect spellings), Jameson (23%), Hennessy (15%) and Jack Daniel’s (6%). Wait, more than 1 in 20 people can not spell Jack Daniel’s? How much Jack Daniel’s (Jack Danyells?) did these people have?

Remarkably, Bartrendr found that single malt scotches like Bruichladdich and Laphroaig were hardly ever misspelled with Devon Bergman, a co-founder of the app, telling MarketWatch that he attributes it to the fact that drinkers of such beverages tend to be fairly sophisticated and in-the-know.