Running Springs woman calls Latino landscapers ‘rapists, animals, drug dealers’


A woman in Running Springs was captured on video calling a man and his mom, who were doing yard work at a Running Springs home, “rapists, animals, and drug dealers.” She also referenced Donald Trump during the :35 exchange that has seen gone viral after being tweeted.

The man in the video, who has been identified as Esteban Guzman, asks the woman, who at one point flips him off, “Why do you hate us?”

The woman, who has not been identified, responds, “because you’re Mexicans.”

“We’re honest people,” Guzman responds.

The woman then laughs and replies, “Rapists. Animals. Drug dealers.” She then mentions Trump.

“Even the president of the United States says so,” she proclaims.

According to the Guardian, Guzman works in information technology and does landscaping on the side.

The woman in the video told his mother to “go back to Mexico,” Guzman told The Guardian. “She said we were all illegals,” he said. “I told her, ‘I’m a United States citizen.’”

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