RoboLights wins court case against Palm Springs over inflatable Santa and Godzilla

RoboLights, a popular Palm Springs Holiday light display / collection of odd statues made up of old microwaves and newspaper stands, won a civil lawsuit Wednesday that was filed against him by the city of Palm Springs, reports KESQ. The lawsuit centered around am inflatable Godzilla and Santa Claus.

The artist behind RoboLights, Kenny Irwin, had posted about the lawsuit on Facebook on Monday, saying that the city was demanding he remove an inflatable Santa and Godzilla from the roof of his home, or the attraction would be shut down:

The city had claimed RoboLights was dangerous, with City Attorney Doug Holland claiming it had the potential to be as dangerous as the tragic Oakland warehouse fire that killed 36 people.

“As we have seen with the tragic (Dec. 2) Oakland warehouse fire that killed 36 people, cities have a responsibility to ensure life/safety violations are corrected, particularly in a case like Robolights where the public is visiting the property regularly,”  Holland told the Desert Sun. “Due to the lack of compliance, in this situation we find it necessary to ask a judge to resolve the ongoing issues and order the property owner to correct the life/safety violations.”

RoboLights has been running in Palm Springs for 30 years. If you are unfamiliar with it, this might help.