RoboLights will move in 2019 and Palm Springs will spend $125,000 to help make it happen

RoboLights, the incredibly weird Holiday light tradition in Palm Springs, will move elsewhere in the city in 2019 thanks, in part, to the city paying 125 grand to cover costs of the move.

The city and artist Kenny Irwin reach an agreement this week, notes the Desert Sun. The deal comes after a two-year legal fight over whether RoboLights should be able to operate in a residential neighborhood and, amazingly, over an inflatable Godzilla.

“Anyone who wants to see Robolights as it has existed for the last 30 years has to come out this year,” Dayton Parcells, an attorney for Irwin said. “We are in discussions about making a new exhibit in a new place.”

No word on where you might be able to see things like Santa made out of old vacuum parts and an alien-reindeer hybrid created out of microwaved cell phones in 2019, but if you are interested in checking out RoboLights this year, here’s everything you need to know.