Study: Almost every driver on the road is extremely pissed off

A photo of the typical driver you will see during your commute
A photo of the typical driver you will see during your commute

According to a new study, just about every driver on the roads is extremely angry and aggressive now. And while this helps to explain all of the insane road rage incidents lately, it might also terrify you to head out on the highway. What a time to be alive.

The research, done by AAA, found that more than half of all drivers surveyed admitted to tailgating and nearly half claimed they yell or honk at other drivers.

The study also says almost 80% of drivers admit to quote ‘significant anger, aggression or road rage’ while driving.

Of course if you are one of the 20% of drivers who does not experience road rage, there is clearly only one explanation: you are the everyone else is pissed at for driving so bad.

And while you, like so many other drivers, might find yourself extremely angry sometimes, AAA spokesman Doug Shupe says you should remember to stay calm.

“We can prevent things from happening,” says Shupe. “By keeping your cool and making sure you’re not going after another angry driver, or continuing to engage with another angry driver. We can prevent any injury and fatalities.”

Sure that could work. But then, you know what would also work? Everyone else to STOP DRIVING LIKE ASSHOLES!!!!

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