Riverside man gets his stolen dirt bike back…17 years later

A Riverside man who reported his dirt bike stolen nearly two decades ago was a little surprised to be reunited with it this week.

A man had purchased the bike on CraigsList, then attempted to register it at the DMV – who informed the man that there was no record of the bike on file and it would need to be inspected by a CHP officer.

Upon inspection, the officer discovered the 1998 Honda CR 80 was the one reported stolen by Kamron Golbrof in 2001, when he was 11-years-old.

“What’s truly amazing is the fact that Kamron was 11 years old when he notified law enforcement that his Honda had been stolen from his garage,” Officer Mike Lassig told the Press Enterprise.

Police are now investigating the theft.

Police caution anyone who is about to purchase a possibly suspicous vehicle to submit a vehicle identification number with the CHP that can be entered into a database to ensure the sale of the vehicle is legal.