Riverside County officials come the the rescue of Coney the burro

(Riverside County Department of Animal Services)

A wild burro is back in step in Riverside County after an animal services officer came to its aid and removed a traffic cone stuck to its hoof.

Officials were alerted to the animal by a caller who spotted it at Spring Mountain Road in Riverside. As the burro was understandably nervous, officials used a tranquilizer dart to calm the animal down, but not knock it out.

They were then able to remove the cone from the burro – who they nicknamed Coney.

“The good news is the burro did not appear to have any injury related to wearing the cone temporarily,” Riverside County Animal Services Officer Chris Peck told the Desert Sun. “He probably got it stuck earlier in the morning. Burros are curious and playful. He was probably playing with it and then he had his uh-oh moment.”