Someone changed California voter’s party affiliation without them knowing: D.A.

Remember, your vote only counts if you wear the sticker
Remember, your vote only counts if you wear the sticker

During June’s California Primary, some voters claimed that they were surprised to learn that they had their party affiliations changed without them knowing. Wednesday, Riverside County District Attorney backed up those claims.

Someone – who as you will see a bit further down will probably always be a mystery to us – changed party affiliations on a state website for voters using social security numbers and other data, according to Riverside County District Attorney Mike Hestrin.

Hestrin noted that Republicans and Democrats were affected by the switch, reports the Press Enterprise.

After reveiving numerous complaints, the DA’s office investigated only to learn that state officials did not capture IP addresses of the computers used to change the voter affiliation – meaning that we will probably never know who or why someone did it.

“We literally don’t have anywhere to go,” Hestrin said.

Anyone with info about just what in the hell happened is asked to contact Assistant Chief Investigator Wayne Hoy at [email protected]