Dwight Kealy’s run to replace Raul Ruiz in Congress is already over

dwight kealy

Dwight Kealy, a carpetbagger Republican attorney from Temecula, has called an end to his congressional campaign only a few months after it began.

Kealy, who does not even live in the district, kicked off his campaign in the least exciting way possible and called an end to it with a message to his 250 followers on Facebook.

The move clears the way for State Senator Jeff Stone, and his badge flashing driving habits, to take on Congressman Raul Ruiz, and his shitty car, in the November election.

As for Kealy, well, at least we will always have this:

Kicking off the campaign at sunrise by the Fairgrounds in Blythe.

Posted by Dwight Kealy for Congress on Wednesday, December 2, 2015