It is Ridiculously Easy for Old People to Renew Drivers Licenses

elderly driver

Every time an old person drives through a farmer’s market, school yard, or business – we pause for a moment and think: how in the world is this person still on the road?  Did the DMV do anything to make sure they were still capable of operating a killing machine car?

Of course getting your license for the first time at 16 is incredibly difficult:

  • take a 30-hour driver’s ed class
  • obtain a learners permit
  • complete 50 hours of supervised driving practice, including 10 hours at night
  • pass a written test
  • pass a behind the wheel test

And even after all that, you still only have a provisional driver’s license which restricts the hours you may drive, who can be in your car, etc.

Any why so complicated?  Because “safety” of course.

So what about the other side of the age spectrum.  KMIR outlined the steps for people over 70:

You have three tries to take the written test, and after that, you need to pay the renewal fee again. Then, you’ll get three more tries.

6 chances to pass the written test!  6!!!!!  And what about behind the wheel tests?:

While the written test is mandatory for license renewals, a driving test is not automatically required. The only time it’s required is if a technician at the DMV finds it necessary, if they fail their vision exam or if a law enforcement offers refers them to the DMV to test their driving ability.

Oh good, DMV technicians are responsible for making sure the streets of seniors who can no longer drive.  The same technicians that are always on break and clearly hate everything about their job, you, and the world.

I feel safer already.