Rich guy promises to give salary to charity if he wins Congressional seat

jeff stone

Jeff Stone, who is by all accounts a one-man Airbnb machine, has promised to donate his salary as a Congressman to a bunch of charities if he is elected. Perfect. If he wins, charities like Martha’s Kitchen and Desert ARC will get thousands of dollars.  And if he loses, well they won’t get shit, I guess.  What a guy!

The Press Enterprise reports on Stone’s promise and even lists the charities and amounts that would go to each with a Stone victory in November. There is no mention about how much Stone will be donating to each of the charities each year from his rental properties  if he loses, so I guess we will assume zero.

Roy Behr, a Ruiz campaign spokesman, told the newspaper that Stone’s promise was “a silly political stunt by a career politician who has spent more than two decades on the public payroll.”

Of course Ruiz might think differently about giving money to charity, if only he had any money left over after paying for all the repairs to his shitty car needed each month.