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Restaurant Owner Calls a Customer Who Left a Bad Review a ‘Lying Filthy C*nt Pig’


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A SoCal restaurant owner learned the hard way this week that the internet is a very hard thing to operate – this after he called a woman who left a bad review of his restaurant a “lying filty c*nt pig”.

Brooke Lewis of Sherman Oaks had left a rather lengthy, negative review of her experience at Sunset Terrace Restaurant and Lounge on their Facebook page back in June of 2014. The owner of the restaurant, a man named Tyrone, finally replied to the review this week – and it was in the worst way a human being possibly could.

This is part of his reply (which I warn you is pretty vulgar):

I can only assume, after years of embarrassment trying to explain the behavior of (as she put it) her “Bitch Daughter” she got her meds mixed up.
Brookie, you are an ignorant, Disgusting, Miserable, Lying Filthy Cunt Pig!
I feel so bad for your mother, having to feel responsible for such a Foul, Repugnant, Waste of space just because it spilled from her schizophrenic vagina.
As for your poor embattled boyfriend Erik, please, please please have the common decency to kill yourself before you burden him with a half Shit child.
The world will be a better place once you are no longer a part of it.
Have a great day,
Sunset Terrace Restaurant & Lounge

And here is the screenshot of the message, via ABC 7:

FB post lying cnt ABC 7

Lewis would like an apology, but it does not look like that will be coming any time soon. When ABC 7 reached out to call Tyrone, he said he did nothing wrong and, while he knows the language is extreme, he never meant for it to go public. Rather, he had intended to just respond directly to Lewis (the internet is really hard for some people).

He then posted his own account of what happened on Facebook (with incredible detail, considering her was remembering something that happened almost a year ago):

Meanwhile, Sunset Terrace’s Yelp page has been hit with a ton of one-star reviews in the last 24 hours since the release of Tyrone’s expletive filled rant.