Republican Palm Springs council candidate is ‘heartbroken’ you think he agrees with Republicans


Henry Hampton, one of the handful of mostly meh candidates running to be part of the no-fun Palm Springs city council, is upset. In fact, he is so sad, that he would like to interrupt your Facebook newsfeed of memes and cat videos to post about just how “heartbroken” he is.  And why is he so down and blue?  Because some people seem to think that Hampton, a Republican, takes the same stand on issues as, well, Republicans. 

Via Desert Sun:

In a lengthy post, he said he is as “heartbroken as everyone else to see how poisoned and divided the political discourse in country has become” and then criticized locals for suggesting that he agrees with President Donald Trump’s views on immigration and minorities.

“The attacks and the hate and the ranting, it got to a point where I had to say something,” Hampton told The Desert Sun in a phone interview Wednesday.

Hampton’s comments come after a mailer was sent out to residents noting that Planned Parenthood, Equality California and the Palm Springs fire fighters union endorsed two other candidates, Lisa Middleton and Christy Holstege.

“I can’t believe that I even have to say this, but if you think I am in any way non-supportive of the LGBT community, you are dead wrong,” Hampton said  in the post.

Hampton also recently posted a video in an “interview” format that was filmed on Arenas Road because optics!  In the video, Hampton tells a realtor that he supports LGBT rights because he grew up in Palm Springs and his parents office had several gay men work for them and “he lived through that.”

Hampton told the Desert Sun that, even though he is a Republican. he did not vote for Donald Trump in the election. Instead he chose to write-in Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

As a reminder, Rubio has voted in line with Trump’s positions 95% of the time and has been consistently opposed to marriage equality, allowing LGBT couples to adopt, and voted against ENDA – which would have given LGBT Americans explicit protection from discrimination in the workplace.