Report: Two Coachella ‘churches’ are selling weed


The Desert Sun reports that the City of Coachella has been having a tough go in shutting down to self-identified churches that they say have been selling marijuana illegally. 

Mien Tao Church of Health, Body and Mind and Oklevueha Native American Church have been accused by the city of being dispensaries and not worshiping anything other than the Devil’s lettuce.

The city has filed suit against Mien Tao and has a temporary order for it to stop selling pot, which is hasn’t done (Oklevueha has only been set up for over a month and does not have a lawsuit against it yet. “These guys are trying to open up everywhere,” Coachella Mayor Steven Hernandez told the newspaper. “Both of these facilities are illegal in the City of Coachella, and we’re in the process of locking up these facilities.”

Meanwhile, the churches say that marijuana is a fundamental tenet of their religious practices and that their religious rights are being “trampled.”

You can read more about this at the Desert Sun.