Report: The snowbirds are basically worthless now

The snowbirds – a collection of mostly entitled assholes who travel to the Coachella Valley for several months a year to escape snow and make your commute on Highway 111 a living nightmare – are reportedly spending far less money in The Coachella Valley than they used to.  They are also spending less time in the Desert, making our four-way stops that much safer.

The Canadian dollar (no, the country does not use maple syrup and hockey pucks as currency) is, to use a technical term, in the shitter. Right now, the Canadian dollar is 76 cents to the U.S. dollar and that is forcing Canucks to spend less and less, via KMIR:

Susanne and Earl Golden are visiting from Manitoba, and say the weaker Canadian dollar is short-changing their trip.

“We ate out a little less, we went out a little less, maybe shopped a little less….We know people already that have sort of decided to come for less time, still coming but for less time,” said Susanne.

According to KMIR’s report, Canadians spent 11 percent less in The Coachela Valley in the fourth quarter of 2015 than the year prior.

And while this is bad news for Canada’s second home owning set, it is good news for you – as you might soon actually be able to afford a home in the Coachella Valley since many snowbirds can’t afford their homes any longer: a

That also has an impact on our housing market with both seasonal rentals and homes.

“A few years ago a home could be purchased by the Canadians for 500,000 dollars, if they wanted to purchase that same home today it would be paying $650,000,” said Judy Horn, president of California Desert Association of Realtors.

Maybe this is why some in the Coachella Valley have their eye on doing things that, surprisingly, are not geared just for the snowbirds now.

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