Report: Perris family was set to move ‘within days’

The horrifying case involving accusations that Perris parents held their 13 children captive may not have ever been discovered – as the family was set to move “within days” of when one of their kids escaped and alerted authorities, reports ABC News.

The Turpin family was going to move to Oklahoma as David Turpin had received a job transfer with defense contractor Northrop Grumann,Β a source told ABC News.

The Turpins were set to move “within days,” according to the source who says that, “there were boxes in the house consistent with moving β€” concentrated in hallways, entryway and bedrooms,”

The family had moved several times in the past. Twice in Texas due to foreclosures around 1999 and 2010.Β  They also relocated from Murrieta to Perris in 2014.

After escaping from the home, a 17-year-old called authorities who discovered the Tuprin children malnourished and shackled. Riverside County District Attorney Michael Hestrin called this, “This is the worst case of child abuse I have ever seen.”

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