Report: Palm Springs will be packed af during the Holidays

Just when you thought Highway 111 couldn’t get any worse.

Nationally, AAA estimates that 107 million people will travel during the Christmas to New Year’s season including over 13 million in California and over eight million in Southern California, according to the Desert Sun.

So where are they going? Well, their top two choices are San Francisco and San Diego. Their third choice? Greater Palm Springs.

And while this should be good news for those working in hospitality, it also means that Highway 111 will be gross, RoboLights packed, and trying to get into a restaurant without a reservation will probably be impossible.

If you are headed out of town, AAA projects the worst time to travel in Southern Caifornia area is Wednesday, Dec. 20 from 3 to 5:30.  So go now!  Just grab what you can and leave!!!!

And if that’s not an option, maybe just consider ordering every meal through UberEats and binge on Netflix all week.

Happy Holidays.