Report: Johnny Manziel was pretty wasted at Coachella

Johnny Manziel – a one-time great football player whose life now is, sadly, spinning out of control – was reportedly blitzed at Coachella this weekend.

Manziel, seen above in some sort of ball pit, arrived to the Bootsy Bellows and Avion pop-up pretty blitzed, reports Fox News:

“He arrived wasted, partied wasted and stayed wasted,” said a source of the NFL player whose career is in peril after his agent Drew Rosenhaus said he will drop Manziel if he doesn’t get help.

“Scott Disick was hanging with Manziel and Kendall and Kylie Jenner. It appeared as if [Manziel] crashed their table. He poured himself drinks from their bottles.” And, “He was stumbling as [singer] Post Malone hit the stage . . . He was dancing and sweaty,” we’re told.

Manziel also was at the Neon Carnival party on Saturday night chain smoking, according to Fox News – and left at 3 a.m. with “five to seven girls.”

But Johnny Football is not the only celeb who the report says was tanked at Coachella:

Also having a good time was Tara Reid. “She was a complete mess in VIP during Guns N’ Roses,” said a witness, who relayed that Reid inexplicably grabbed a pal to exclaim, “Let’s go sit by the garbage cans! Come on!”

Now, if “Lets go sit by the garbage cans!” is not a line in the next Sharknado movie, I do not want to live in the world anymore.