Professional blowhard Donald Trump has announced that he is running for President. While some local media are focusing on the super important parts of Trump’s ties to The Coachella Valley – let us not forgot that not too long ago, Spotlight 29 Casino gave him $6 million dollars to go away.

In May of 2000, Trump signed a deal to manage Spotlight 29 and the casino was rebranded as Trump 29 Casino in April of 2002. Trump’s company helped to secure $60 million dollars in loans for the facility and the contract called for Trump to receive 30 percent of the casino’s net annual revenues for managing – the most allowed. Trump’s first order of business was to bring singer Marc Anthony to town for a sold out concert, open an oxygen bar, and (of course) slap his name on the place…

Trump29-Casino-1But the arrangement was short lived. In 2005, Spotlight 29 bought out Trump Hotels (which at the time was $1.8 billion dollars in debt)for $6 million and changed the name back to Spotlight 29 Casino.

Now, 10 years later, Trump is running for President.

Anybody have $6 million laying around we can give him to go away again?

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