Remember when it didn’t rain all the time?

Remember when it never rained in the Coachella Valley?  Back just a few months ago when we were in a huge drought, El Nino was a huge fail, and if just a sprinkle fell on a windshield in Palm Springs everyone pulled out their cell phone to document it?

Not this year. It’s raining again today, the desert is turning green everywhere you look, and California is damn near out of the drought.

By the looks of the forecast, this might be the end of the rain for a bit (with temps close to 90 on the way next week) – but man, has it been fun while it lasted.

We all get to wear our jackets and sweaters for more than┬ájust a couple of days this year, we got a ton of time to enjoy those snowcapped mountains surrounding the desert, the waterfalls look amazing, and, for at least a bit, we don’t have to be terrified about the drought.

Thanks, Mother Nature.