Real Christmas Trees are getting more expensive and marijuana is partly to blame

There are many reasons to prefer a real Christmas Tree to a fake one. They smell much nicer, they usually look cooler, and, when the Holiday is over, you can simply toss it in the street for someone to pick up, rather than spending hours trying to get that expensive fake tree back in its box to store. But, due to several factors (including that bowl you just smoked!), getting a real Christmas Tree is getting much more expensive these days.

Via the LA Times:

The Christmas tree industry took a turn a decade ago when the Great Recession hit and growers started planting fewer trees. For California, the problem has been exacerbated as growers in the Pacific Northwest — where most of California’s Christmas trees are grown — moved away from planting pines in favor of more lucrative crops like hazelnuts and, in some cases, marijuana.

The result has been a tighter supply of trees that has translated into higher prices at tree lots nationwide. Some sellers have even been forced out of the market.

Yup, bringing the magic of Christmas into your home is going to cost much more because you just couldn’t resist snacking on all the hazelnuts while smoking your weed.

Actually, it all goes back to the housing crisis in 2007 / 2008:

Growers in Oregon, who supply the bulk of California’s Christmas trees, were betting on an increase in demand shortly before the recession hit in late 2007. Instead, sales took a dive, leading to a severe oversupply of trees and resulting in sharply reduced plantings the following season. Some growers who didn’t make money that year opted to leave the business altogether.

Seedlings planted during that time have finally grown tall enough to be classic Christmas trees now sitting on lots around the country, which is why people are feeling the effects, said Chal Landgren, a Christmas tree specialist at Oregon State University.

Experts predict that the exodus of hundreds of growers from the industry as a result of the recession means tree prices likely will continue to rise amid a tight supply in future years.

Crazy how things work out.

And, now when your mom and dad complain you have a fake tree this year, tell them you would’ve gotten a real one if they just hadn’t remortgaged their house all those times back in 2006.

Luckily, Target has fake trees on sale for 30% off – which will leave you more cash for those hazelnuts and weed.