Raul Ruiz’s campaign has enough cash on hand to buy 76 new cars

Despite not having a challenger yet for the 2018 election, Congressman Raul Ruiz already has $1.3 million dollars in cash to spend, reports the Desert Sun. That’s enough to buy 76 brand new Ford Focuses and have a bit left over gas.

The newspaper notes that Ruiz, who is probably calling AAA right now to come out and tow his shitty car again,  raised $525,000 in the first three months of the 2017. Not a bad haul, considering the election is 19 months away.

Most of the money came from individual donors and tribes, but $4,000 did come from Nancy Pelosi’s campaign – which will surely be a thing pointed out ad nauseam by whoever chooses to run against Ruiz.

Ruiz beat Jeff Stone by a whopping 23 points in 2016, though Republicans expect this time around to be more competitive.