While many in the Coachella Valley (looking at you, Palm Springs and Cathedral City) would kill to have an In-N-Out Burger nearby, some Rancho Mirage residents gathered on Tuesday to protest a proposed location of the burger joint in their city.

And while Rancho Mirage clearly needs an In-N-Out Burger more than In-N-Out Burger needs Rancho Mirage, a very small group of protesters held up signs proclaiming things like “Rancho Mirage, Playground of the Presidents Not Gridlock for Fast Food Residents.”

Here’s what the protest was like:


  1. In other words, they are protesting against something because people want it so badly it will always be crowded. With that logic, they should be protesting that they need to build two of them instead of just one. LOL

  2. “A city of Elitists has a protest to keep it that way” should’ve been the headline. I would only suggest that someone recommend to these people that there are many hours they could be spending doing much needed volunteer work in their neighboring cities, but then again that would be too much to expect from that generation.

  3. I read these idiots are seeking legal counsel saying that the proposed location isn’t zoned for drive thrus (yet cvs and starbucks) which Starbucks causes gridlock in itself are in the same complex. I fail to see the logic in this. If they are so upset with the building of in n out perhaps they should move into one of those fancy country clubs that are all the rage with this generation of protestors!

  4. Just proves to show how bored people are in R.M. They should go volunteer in a food line. Also hopefully the new in n out will slow the speeders down, maybe that is the real complaint with them.

  5. Obviously unpopular opinion, but good for those residents for standing up for what they want in their community. That area has gotten much busier with the revitalization of that shopping center, and I’m sure increased traffic levels are already impacting magensia falls residents.

    Plain and simple, in n out isn’t a good fit for this parking lot and the space they’re proposing simply isn’t large enough to fit it. It makes much more sense in Palm Springs and cathedral city, where there are more young people and better areas to house that type of traffic. For Rancho mirage, this is just not a fit.

  6. But it’s perfectly ok for residents of Rancho Mirage to travel to other cities and create gridlock there. And while I’m on the subject to hell with RM for allowing the river to section off most of the parking for valet.

  7. I was on my way to lunch and while waiting at the red light one of the protesters wanted me to sign the petition. When I said no,she told me that probably I was not a resident. I told her that I was and I was for employment and that I had heard that the burgers are good. I don’t eat hamburgers. Rancho Mirage has some old regulations and I believe that is one reason why The River is in the shape that it is. I believe they have as many vacant spaces as they have with tenants.

  8. Take a look at the LaQuinta – The In and Out Burger is so very popular! Build and they will come and Rancho Mirage sure needs this business. Looking forward to going there.

  9. No snowbird has a right to protest. Period.
    The WORST gridlock in the valley comes from the snowbirds.
    If you don’t suffer the summer, you don’t get to impose in winter.
    Don’t let the deed fool you, you are a visitor – not a resident.

  10. Although these visual protestors are making their point, for ever one of them, probably 10 others are eager for Sonic-Burger to open. As the one lady said on TV, “Their will be long lines, etc.” I guess most of the residents DO want a Sonic Burger in Rancho Mirage……..

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