Rancho Mirage refuses helicopter landing at Children’s Museum event

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Rancho Mirage, a city that…wait, I’m sorry…*talks much quieter*…doesn’t like noise, young people, fun, voting like normal Americansweedthings that make sense, or, well, anything, recently told the Children’s Discovery Museum of the Desert that a helicopter couldn’t land at one of their events because the city does not allow any helicopters to land in the city, which is weird since, as KMIR reports, some wealthy people seem to do it all the time.

“The city told us that if we did land there at the Children’s museum, that they would file charges against us,” Ivan Arnold, the president of Joiride, told the TV station.  Arnold had wanted to land the helicopter during an event to show aviation to attending kids.

But, the landing didn’t happen as the city said that it was just not possible as it is against the rules of the town.  They suggested Arnold truck in the helicopter instead.

“Our code indicates that unless it is for an emergency purpose, we do not allow helicopters into the city,” Sean Smith, the Public Information Officer for Rancho Mirage proclaimed.

When pressed about claims that Larry Ellison lands a helicopter at Porcupine Creek all the time, Smith told KMIR, “In order to verify what you’ve just stated, I’d have to go back and look to see if we have issued any permits.”

There was no update as to whether or not Smith had found that permit.