Since opening up two years ago, a lot has changed at the Rancho Mirage Pieology. While the eatery still has tasty oven-fired pizzas at its core, the store has experimented with new offerings like wings, tater tots, and a thick crust that have been so successful, they have expanded to other franchises.

Last year, Pieology General Manager James Suer noticed that while the thin crust pizzas served at the restaurant were delicious, those who were taking pizzas to go preferred an option that would travel a little better – so he and his team experimented and came up with a thick crust option for customers that not only gives the pizza a little more structure for those getting take-out, it’s also pretty darn tasty.

A thick crust pizza with pepperoni, bell peppers, banana peppers (photo by Kristen Dolan)

The Rancho Mirage Pieology was the first in the nation to offer a thick crust, but not the last – as others soon saw the success and followed suit.

And that was just the beginning.

A pizza bakes at the Rancho Mirage Pieology (photo by Kristen Dolan)

Suer and his team looked for other options that their customers would like and found it in chicken wings and tater tots. The restaurant invested in a machine that could quickly and easily make both and, because they like to give their customers options, diners can choose their wings and tots in a variety of sauces and flavor toppings.

Tater Tots and Wings at the Rancho Mirage Pieology (photo by Kristen Dolan)

During my trip into the restaurant, I opted for salt and vinegar tater tots (so good) and garlic parmesan wings (also delicious – which is a nice pairing for those grabbing a pizza. Other options for the tater tots include: Jalapeno nacho, Buffalo, Bacon Cheddar, and BBQ. For those getting wings, you can also choose from: Buffalo, BBQ, Fiery BBQ, and Mango Habanero, with more options on the way soon.

Tots, wings, and pizza (photo by Kristen Dolan)

Like the thick crust, other Pieology stores around the country have taken notice and added those options to their menus too.  And why wouldn’t they?  Suer told Cactus Hugs that the Rancho Mirage location is consistently one of the strongest restaurants for the franchise.

You can wash down your meal with a fresh lemonade (photo by Kristen Dolan)

In addition to giving customers a variety of choices, Pieology is also very community minded and consistently works with local organizations in hosting fundraisers at the restaurant. The place also has a ton of TVs for those looking to grab a pizza while watching the game, a nice selection of beer, and even fresh baked desserts like cookies and brownies.

Pieology in Rancho Mirage (photo by Casey Dolan)

As for what’s next for Pieology, Suer wouldn’t say – though he did hint that there my be another location in the Coachella Valley soon as well as a store that is definitely opening in Beaumont in August.

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Pieology, 42500 Bob Hope Drive Ste. C, Rancho Mirage (760) 674-7117