Rain is in the forecast for Palm Springs this week. No, seriously.

It’s been 437 years since we saw the last decent rainfall in the Coachella Valley – okay, not exactly, but it seems that way. But, that’s about to change.

The forecast is calling for a 50% change of rain in Palm Springs on Monday followed by, and this is rare, a 100% chance of showers on Tuesday. Guess it’s finally going to feel just a tad like winter.

And while the rest of Southern California should see rainfall totals from Monday through Wednesday of over an inch, Palm Springs is looking like it will get a bit under half an inch – which isn’t a ton, but it is half an inch more than we have gotten since, well, I don’t even remember when.

Enjoy the rain while it lasts and, should you happen to read this before the storm hits, you may want to check the status of those windshield wipers before everyone else does.