Yet another professional sports team has said a big, “fuck you” to their loyal, local fans by filing paperwork with the NFL to relocate.

And while many in the media are reporting on the big piles of cash the Raiders will making by moving to Las Vegas, what the stadium will look like, and how the state of Nevada is about to spend a fortune on the team while at the same time spending hardly anything on public education, everyone has seemed to miss the biggest part of this story: Raiders owner Mark Davis just cut his travel time to the Coachella Valley in half to get those rad haircuts of his.

A profile last year in ESPN the Magazine highlighted Davis’s trips to Palm Desert to get that mop of his trimmed:

Davis travels to Palm Desert to get it cut, just as he traveled to Chico from Oakland to visit a preferred barber long after he left college at Chico State. “I think he’s had three barbers since college,” [former Raiders wideout Cliff] Branch says. “If he likes something, he stays loyal.”.”

Yes, this awesome haircut is from right here in the Coachella Valley.

So Davis doesn’t have to travel so far to get that dope hairdo and now fans can go to Vegas strip clubs immediately after the games.

What a time to be alive.