Rad! You Can Play PAC-MAN on Google Maps of Palm Springs

Pac Man Palm Springs

Pac Man Palm Springs

As it is already April Fool’s Day in some parts of the world, Google Maps has unleashed this year’s prank – and it is fantastic!

In fact, allowing PAC-MAN to do his thing in your neighborhood should be a regular thing on Google Maps!

Playing is pretty easy on desktop. Just head to Google Maps and click on the Pac Man icon…

pac man icon

Poof!  Your map is turned into a PAC-Man game!

Do note that there must be enough streets in view for PAC-MAN to be able to do his thing – but downtown Palm Springs is one of them.

If you want to play on mobile, it is a bit trickier. There are only a few places on the map in the world where you can play and Google gives hints to that here. But, when you do figure it out – it is pretty cool:

Have fun!

(H/T The Next Web)